Saturday, December 6, 2008


Enchanting blue waters, the laid back "no worries" lifestyle, and the fabulous scuba diving made our summer in Hawaii nearly heaven. We were incredibly lucky that my husband was sent to do a job for the military and we were able to "tag" along. All we really had to do was invest in the plane tickets and the room and food were paid for. Yep, a chance of a lifetime. While there, I mapped out every fabric store within a 5 mile radius that I could walk to. Yes, I will walk the distance for my addiction to fabric. I found some of the most gorgeous fabrics I have seen in my life!

On the way, there was a beautiful little girl and her daddy selling coconuts by the road. He chopped the top off, and stuck a straw in. My little one drank the entire thing! Who needs a sippy cup!

This picture was taken the day that we decided to hire the motel sitter for the girls (we did it just once for 20$ an hour!). We rented a Harley with a couple of the other guys that were there working also and toured the island of Oahu. You have'nt seen Oahu until you've seen it from the back of a bike! Absolutely glorious.
My sewing machine made the trip with me in my suitcase. I could'nt even think of going the whole summer without having it with me! I have a few of the creations in my Etsy store available for sale, and the others were made for the large order I sent out a couple weeks ago. I still have several yards of my snowflake fabric, it just has'nt decided what it "wants to be" yet. I loved the Hawaiian snowflake print so much that I
bought it in every color of the rainbow. There is a very slim chance that we will get to go back with him again, and next time I am taking two suitcases. At 3$ a yard, I better start saving now!
Lime and Black Christmas Snowflake
My favorite-Hawaii Holiday in Christmas prints (available in my etsy store)
And now back to the reality of the frozen lake outside my window, although it is still very beautiful. It is our day to get a Christmas tree. The beauty of the lights, the wreath on the door, and my little ones in their gloves and hats- Hawaii is beautiful to visit, but I'll keep my little cabin in the woods anyday. Have a wonderful magical day and stay warm!


BBB said...

Ah Hawaii, I hope my hubby takes me and bri there some day! He is re-inlisting for the Army. I saw you added me so I thought I would pop in and say hello. Who knew we'd have much in common :D

Lady Isra said...

these are so cute!!