Sunday, December 21, 2008

After Christmas??

Have you thought about what you will be doing the last week of the year? Running around trying to hit some good sales? Recovering from a busy holiday? If you are anything like myself, I stay away from the stores after christmas. I plan to make my family a nice big breakfast, stay in our jammies til noon, and play with our new Christmas toys. Sounds good, huh. Well, that's the plan anyway. But usually my hubby gets stir crazy and wants to work outside chopping firewood etc., and I want to go out for lunch- it's also my birthday. Yep I DO always get jipped!

This year, on Christmas night, I will be changing my prices on all of my Christmas goodies and some dicontinued items in my etsy store, . All of my christmas dresses, rompers, and skirts will be marked down to $12.99 with free shipping! Maybe you've been eyeing a dress in my store- pick it up for next year for a great low price.

My Half-Pint pouches will also be $10.00 with free shipping. They include a carefully researched booklet of how to's, concerns, and reasons for babywearing. It includes directions on all of the positions and the best way to implement them.

All ornaments are 3 for $10.00 with free shipping.

So instead of hitting the malls on the day after christmas, grab your coffee, hot chocolate, or other various beverages, and slip on those new slippers to shop etsy for the best deals in quality handmade goods. Enter cafemom in the search and find wonderful buys from wonderful moms! The sales are fantastic this year!
Have a whimsical day!

Friday, December 12, 2008

And the winner is...

Congratulations! My itty bitty stuck her hand in the hat and pulled out a jem!

As the winner of the Half-Pint hat giveaway, jazzyjems has won the chance to go into my etsy store, and pick any hat- any colors- and any size. Please check back often for new giveaways!

Please go and take a peek at some of jazzyjemz awesome products. My personal favorite is the splat mat!! It is a must have for any little one in a high chair.

Also one of my fave's are the beautiful nursing covers to hide those hooters! I know I would have been more comfortable nursing in public with one of these. No more hiding in the car or dressing rooms. Gorgeous choices in fabrics will help you feel confident and modest while feeding your babe.

Please go make a visit to my fellow Cafemom's shop for some wonderful gifts for the new mama or just a little gift for yourself!!

Have a wonderful magical weekend!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Half-Pint Hat Giveaway!

Happy Holidays from Half-Pint Creations! Are you taking the time to slow down and breathe in the magic of the Christmas season? Promise yourself that today, you will share something wonderfully whimsical with your child, kiss your love under the mistletoe, or put those silly reindeer antlers on the family pet. I had to stop and take this pic of my precious little elf - sound asleep after "helping" to carry the family christmas tree down the hill after Daddy chopped it down.

I invite you to enter my hat giveaway, by simply leaving a comment in the comment section. The winner will receive their choice of any hat in my etsy store in the size of their choice! The drawing will be friday night with my itsy bitsy choosing the name.

So good luck!!! I will contact and post the winner on Friday night at 8pm right here on my blog.

Have a wonderful day full of whimsy,

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Enchanting blue waters, the laid back "no worries" lifestyle, and the fabulous scuba diving made our summer in Hawaii nearly heaven. We were incredibly lucky that my husband was sent to do a job for the military and we were able to "tag" along. All we really had to do was invest in the plane tickets and the room and food were paid for. Yep, a chance of a lifetime. While there, I mapped out every fabric store within a 5 mile radius that I could walk to. Yes, I will walk the distance for my addiction to fabric. I found some of the most gorgeous fabrics I have seen in my life!

On the way, there was a beautiful little girl and her daddy selling coconuts by the road. He chopped the top off, and stuck a straw in. My little one drank the entire thing! Who needs a sippy cup!

This picture was taken the day that we decided to hire the motel sitter for the girls (we did it just once for 20$ an hour!). We rented a Harley with a couple of the other guys that were there working also and toured the island of Oahu. You have'nt seen Oahu until you've seen it from the back of a bike! Absolutely glorious.
My sewing machine made the trip with me in my suitcase. I could'nt even think of going the whole summer without having it with me! I have a few of the creations in my Etsy store available for sale, and the others were made for the large order I sent out a couple weeks ago. I still have several yards of my snowflake fabric, it just has'nt decided what it "wants to be" yet. I loved the Hawaiian snowflake print so much that I
bought it in every color of the rainbow. There is a very slim chance that we will get to go back with him again, and next time I am taking two suitcases. At 3$ a yard, I better start saving now!
Lime and Black Christmas Snowflake
My favorite-Hawaii Holiday in Christmas prints (available in my etsy store)
And now back to the reality of the frozen lake outside my window, although it is still very beautiful. It is our day to get a Christmas tree. The beauty of the lights, the wreath on the door, and my little ones in their gloves and hats- Hawaii is beautiful to visit, but I'll keep my little cabin in the woods anyday. Have a wonderful magical day and stay warm!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Don't Eat Yellow Snow!

Sculpting has been a love of mine for a while now, and coming up with tiny new creations is a ton of fun. My ornaments are on sale in my etsy store right now- buy 5 and the sixth is free, so I thought I'd introduce a few of my snow friends before they melt away. As always, personalization is always free, and custom orders are always welcome!

Since I have battled weight all my life, this little green guy is near and dear to my heart. He is by far, my favorite "snowchubby"!

One of my best sellers at shows, this little guy is a great ornament as a baby's first. Comes in pink, blue, and green with room for baby's name and birthdate. One of my fave's!

Last but certainly not least is my sweet little working snowman- or in our case working snowoman. This design is three years old, and I still get a kick out of it!
Come on over to to check out the many ornaments available for sale!

Thanks for popping in for a visit and have a magical day!

Monday, December 1, 2008


I am SSSOOO excited to be putting this "Green Jeans" coat in my etsy store! It started with some butcher paper and measuring devices, some seam fitting and LOTS of ruffle gathering, and HERE IT IS! I have designed a collarless fleece lined jacket with skulls, ruffles, lace, yards of snuggle!!

My daughters love wearing hoodies, but feel like mummies when they have a heavy warm jacket, hooded, or collared jacket. I have included a scarf and a muffin hat to top off the set. The flower pin can be worn on the lapel or the hat. I am almost done a cupcake coat with hot pink and chocolate fleece, cupcake hat, and pink crocheted lace.

I am taking orders for them in all sizes and colors- giving customers the choice of fabrics and trims. These are so much fun to make!

They all include a muffin hat, scarf, and flower pin. So keep peeking in to Half-Pint Creations to see the fun and funky designs being added.

Have a wonderful magical day!