Sunday, January 1, 2012

I am delicious!

I smell like the great pumpkin.
(please, no personal appearance references...)
I smell spicy, sweet, and a bit exotic.
Yep, I am pretty yummy.
My skin is super soft,
squeaky clean,
and nicely moisturized.

Yesterday, I smelled like a sugar cookie.
Not because I baked 12 dozen cookies.
I'm not lying.
My skin was buttery soft,
felt super clean,
and smelled like one of my favorite cookie doughs.

I don't do too many product reviews,
but once in a while you order something from
a fellow Etsian that makes your knees buckle.
The customer service makes you feel like you have known them for years,
and their product is top-notch fabulousness.
The pictures drew me in like a coffee addict to a Starbucks.
(I am not naming names here.....)
The descriptions had me drooling...
and to top it off,
there was a 40% off sale going on!
Bubbles Up! By Bethie B!
I am a sucker for a huge sale.
I made my first purchase of several soaps.
The package quickly arrived.
I opened my mailbox,
ripped open the package and nearly fainted.
I could close my eyes
and imagine standing in the most scrumptious bakery...
each dessert scented bar better than the last.
I sat in my car, package in hand, sniffing each one over and over
and trying to lick the soap.

I picked up my daughter from the bowling alley,
drove home,
with a chocolate, cookie, cinnamon bun scented car.
I got online
and placed my second order
of several more soaps within minutes of receiving the first.
This time,
I was shopping for friends, family, and ME.
Did I mention I was shopping for ME?
The sale was still going on.
I was in BIG trouble.
Please join me in slobbering over some of the goodies I bought.
Winter Fiesta Soap (Heaven!)
Vanilla Hazelnut SoapFrench Vanilla Sugar Soap
Vanilla Mint Cookie Soap
Chocolate Fudge Marble Soap Cake
(I wanted to eat this one...
even considered tasting the chocolate)Almond Biscotti Cookie soapCranberry Spice Soap
Hot Cross Buns Soap
You are either ready to storm the goodie cabinet
or are gnawing on a bar of soap
after this sugary display of deliciousness.
The only remedy?
Sneak on over to
Bubbles Up! By Bethie B.
Splurge on yourself.
The most amazing part?
There is a sale going on for a couple days.....40% off!
Type WINTER40 in the coupon code area
at time of checkout to automatically receive the discount!
You will find delicious scented soaps
with lots of skin loving ingredients
like yogurt, honey, oatmeal, brown sugar, chocolate and coffee.
They are handcrafted using the best ingredients
and no artificial lathering agents.
Drool no more....
and tell her Half-Pint "scent" you!
Yeah, I know that was bad...