Saturday, February 13, 2010

An Imperfect Heart for my Funny Valentine

The snow abounds.
There is more coming, or so the weather man says.
The light of a new day is beginning to shine through the icicles hanging from our front porch.
The fire is crackling in the fire place, and my mug is full of warm coffee.
I can hear little feet rustling around and the squeak of the bedroom door. My Funny Valentine slowly makes her way down the stairs, puppy in hand, crawls up into my lap, and lays her head on my shoulder.
I kiss her head and breathe her in.
It's times like these that make me love her so much I can barely breathe.
She turns, looks into my eyes, holds my face in her pudgy little toddler hands and says, "Mommy, can I have pancakes?".
Pancakes? Little girl I would give you the world.
Pancakes are definitely something I can handle.
We venture into the kitchen and mix up a batch of the prettiest pancakes you have ever seen.
I use Bisquick- I am NOT Betty Crocker. We add a little red food coloring to make things extra magical, because only princesses can eat pink pancakes. I tell her they are her Valentine pancakes, and proceed to make them heart shaped.
Yeah, ok, more blob shaped.
The look on her face was one of awe.
They were pink.
They were semi-heart shaped.
They were made for her- with all the love I could muster.
She looks up at me with her big hazel eyes and says,
"Thanks Mama! They are the best pancakes in the world!"
First of all, she called me Mama- melts me every time.
Secondly, it made me take a step back and think for a moment.
They were the most imperfect heart pancakes ever made. Yet my baby girl knew she was loved, and that I loved making them for her.
Sometimes as parents we think that things have to be perfect. We try so hard to give them what we did'nt have, or work so many hours in a day that they don't get the best of us, they get what is left of us.
As simple as this pink breakfast seemed,
I was reminded of the importance of life's simple things.
Simple joys.
Simple Pleasures.
The importance of my time and a little effort. They are little for such a short time.
Happy Valentine's Day, my Funny Valentine!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Ahh..Sweet Comfort Food

The winds are howling, the snow is passing the 24" mark, and the best place to be is home in bed with your head under the covers. You close your eyes and roll over, soaking in the delish feeling of the warm blankets, knowing that you could'nt go anywhere, even if you wanted to. As you are falling back to sleep, wonderful aromas come drifting your way. They are enticing you to climb out of bed and explore the heavenly scents that are beckoning you from the kitchen. Mmmm....fresh coffee and something sweet and warm baking on the stove.Let me share with you the wonder and deliciousness that is LipSmackinCreations! The tastes and aromas coming from her kitchen are always enough to take your breath away and keep you coming back for more. With many new pancake mixes, cookies, and bake mixes, you are sure to find many items to entice your taste buds. Her customers have come back again and again for that home baked goodness with the ease of a mix. I have baked more of her items than I can possibly count, and I swear each one is my favorite- until I try the next. I have seasoned my beef, chicken breasts, and noodles with her spice mixes and convinced my two year old that her "Grammy Bea's" sweet sprinkles are a magical toast topping that only princesses are allowed to eat.
The best thing about LipSmackinCreations is the sweet and vivacious owner. She treats all of her customers as if she is pouring them a cup of coffee and baking her tempting treats just for them in her own country kitchen. Her kitchen is always full of tempting aromas that make you want to sit and stay a while.
She has recently changed her packaging to save on the increase in shipping costs, and now offers her items wrapped in beautifully hand made boxes and fabric bags. They make a beautiful gift for a friend or a treat for yourself.The next time that the snow is falling, the rain is pouring, or the kids need some fun time with the people that love them, open your kitchen cabinet to find everything you need in one scrumptious bag from LipSmackinCreations. Stop by her Etsy shop for a vast array of tempting treats that will please even the littlest, pickiest eater. They will keep your lips smackin' for more!