Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A New Year for Puppy

He has been smothered in maple syrup,
rubbed with cherry blossom hand cream,
dropped in mud puddles,
lost in a Virginia Hampton parking lot
only to be found by a good Samaritan
and turned in to the front desk.
He has been to Hawaii,
the Jersey shore (many times),
and Oklahoma.
He was with her for her first steps,
takes naps with her every day,
and stands by for an occasional hug when needed.
Puppy waits patiently in the car while she is at preschool.
He is the first thing that she grabs in the morning
and the last thing that she hugs at night.
To say that puppy is a member of our family is an understatement.
He is ragged and worn,
has had his tail reattached,
and gets a bath whenever he can sneak away
from her for a few minutes.He is loved.
Am I concerned she may be dragging
him off to college when she's 18?
Not at all.
Will she outgrow him?
Maybe, some day.
For now they are buddies.If only we could love as she loves him.
To be able to see beyond all appearances,
to see with our hearts the way that she does.
This world would be such a beautiful place.
Happy New Year from Half-Pint Creations.
May you choose to see people with your heart,
love them unconditionally,
and give your inner child
a big fuzzy maple syrup,
cherry blossom hand cream,
mud puddle hug.