Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mama Break

Life is crazy beautiful,
it really is.
I am blessed with love, family, and happiness.
there are times when it feels a bit more crazy than beautiful!

On those days,
I start the coffee IV,take a deep breath,
put in the mommy ponytail
(that's where I keep my superpowers),
and face the day with all the wildness, vigor, and caffeine I can muster.I do my best to be the most amazing juggler.... woman....singer...
Sometimes one of the balls fall.
I get bonked on the head.
I am NOT coordinated.
I have the goose egg to prove it.
I have decided to close the businesses for a month.
Why you may ask?
For a Mama break.
Things on my to-do list?
Make Spring clothes for my girls
Spring cleaning (serious yuck)
Write some music for our band, "Thru Me"
(Shameless promo pic)Read a book -beginning to end-for enjoyment
Laundry, laundry, and more laundry
Enjoy our beautiful woodlands as they bloom with delicious Spring goodness
Drink more gourmet coffee- with gourmet creamerGet rid of the pull-ups- completely
Master the toddler ballerina ballet
(I don't quite have the booty shake down yet)

But most importantly,
to start each day with prayer for direction, patience, and wisdom.

There's no shame in slowing down for a "mama break".
I need time to get back to "crazy beautiful",
instead of just crazy.
If any one should happen to have a problem with me taking that time,
I'll be handing over the juggling balls
or quickly administering the head bonk myself^_^.

Have a crazy beautiful day my friends,
I am off to explore outside with my itty bitty.
We seriously need to find out which
breathtakingly beautiful
vomitrociously stinky
flower is growing over our waterfall!