Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Coffee...Chocolate...Diva moments...

Summer is upon us.
Yes, dear ones, you heard me correctly.
Do you believe
that the last time this lazy blogger posted
was the beginning of the New Year?
Blog neglected.
I can make plenty of excuses for the blatant disregard
of putting words to keys.
Let's have at it.
I am Mama,
business woman,
singer, .....
and the list goes on.
Enough said.

Has the panic and anxiety at the thought
of having your children home full-time set in?
The delightful thought of them
arguing over what's mine and yours
and his and the dogs?
Don't get me wrong.
My girls have fun together.They are 4 and almost 12.
Sometimes the mind blowing fun
turns to full fledged diva moments
and this mama's lip starts to twitch.

Chocolate and coffee....
possibly some Xanax....
are my standbys that will allow me
to sail through the summer.
Let's pray I'm not 20 pounds chunkier
due to the partaking of these on an hourly basis.We are lucky enough to live in the woods.
(It is especially beautiful in the fall
when the big yellow school bus arrives.)
Oh come on,
don't act like you don't do the
"happy first day boogie"
when that day arrives.
I am getting ahead of myself here.
Let's get back to the serious reality here.
Summer Momentertainment.
I have promised the girls some serious fun this summer.
I am a fun Mom.
Please no laughing
or choking on your own spit.
I may make muffins from a mix
and pancakes with bisquick,
but I can be amazingly fun.
I am so much fun,
that I still hug and kiss my tween goodbye
in front of her friends
while smiling at the fact that
she feels both loved and disgusted at the same time. I am THAT kind of mom.
My toddler is the fun one.
She still lets me hug and kiss her goodbye
in front of her friends without too much animosity.

As difficult as the first week is for us,
we soon fall into a routine.
My girls have been routine babies from the start.
THAT is when the true summer fun starts.
Trips to the farmer's market for our weekly stash of fresh fruit...
Trips to the local water ice shop to cool down...
Blenders full of smoothies...
A short but loaded July vacation....

I do believe this mama and her itty bitties
will survive the heat,
the bugs,
and the diva moments
until the big beautiful yellow school bus arrives in the fall.

I am reminded that they are only young once,
and I am determined to make some memories
with them this summer....
and enjoy myself in the process.My two best friends will be joining me daily.
Coffee and chocolate.
They will get a girl through anything...
even the diva moments of summer.
Strap on those flip flops girls!
Enjoy the ride!