Sunday, December 21, 2008

After Christmas??

Have you thought about what you will be doing the last week of the year? Running around trying to hit some good sales? Recovering from a busy holiday? If you are anything like myself, I stay away from the stores after christmas. I plan to make my family a nice big breakfast, stay in our jammies til noon, and play with our new Christmas toys. Sounds good, huh. Well, that's the plan anyway. But usually my hubby gets stir crazy and wants to work outside chopping firewood etc., and I want to go out for lunch- it's also my birthday. Yep I DO always get jipped!

This year, on Christmas night, I will be changing my prices on all of my Christmas goodies and some dicontinued items in my etsy store, . All of my christmas dresses, rompers, and skirts will be marked down to $12.99 with free shipping! Maybe you've been eyeing a dress in my store- pick it up for next year for a great low price.

My Half-Pint pouches will also be $10.00 with free shipping. They include a carefully researched booklet of how to's, concerns, and reasons for babywearing. It includes directions on all of the positions and the best way to implement them.

All ornaments are 3 for $10.00 with free shipping.

So instead of hitting the malls on the day after christmas, grab your coffee, hot chocolate, or other various beverages, and slip on those new slippers to shop etsy for the best deals in quality handmade goods. Enter cafemom in the search and find wonderful buys from wonderful moms! The sales are fantastic this year!
Have a whimsical day!

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