Monday, December 26, 2011

Eye Candy

I swear this year has simply flown by!
I watch my babies growing up
and wonder where the time is going.
I feel so blessed in this stage of my life.
The stage where I
have accepted the fact
that I won't be having any more babies...
where my oldest child is approaching...
dun dun dun,
the teenage years...
where my baby will be starting Kindergarten next fall.

With this next stage has come some new
and exciting things for Half-Pint!
I have had the pleasure of working with some great ladies this year.
Adding professional pics of my designs
to my listings has kept me busy,
non-stop since August.
Uber blessed!
Uber exhausted...
balancing my family,
my home,
and business.
I can honestly say,
I have done a pretty good job with that this Fall.
Not too shabby.
Stop by the shop
and check out
the delicious eye candy
from these talented ladies.
head on over to facebook,
like 'em, like 'em, like 'em
and tell 'em I sent you.
They certainly made my job so much more exciting!

Rare Refelctions Photography
Wildly sweet Photography

Simply Sphotography

Rebecca Hall Photography

Natalie Kimball Photography

Are you overwhelmed
by the sweetie cuteness?
I knew it.
Pure eye candy from these awesome ladies.
If you live within a few hundred miles
of these photographers,
don't walk,
and put your family faces in their capable hands.
They will do wonders
with your smilie babes.

I can't wait to share with you
what's in store in the New Year for Half-Pint.
Stay tuned....
in the mean time,
eat up the last of the Christmas cookies,
sweep up the ever growing mound of pine needles,
and .....
Happy New Year!

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