Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kiss it goodbye...

Are we really ready to kiss summer goodbye?
My oldest little darling goes back to school in two weeks.
My youngest goes back in three.
Sixth grade and preschool.
Deep breath.
Now hold on to your coffee and peanut butter toast.....
I will truly miss them.
I can honestly say that this has been the very best summer.
Have we been to far off lands of whimsy and delight?
Only while playing "dress up" in our princess gowns and combat boots.
Have we eaten exotic foods and sampled gourmet cuisines?
Only if you call pizza with pineapple
and some strange cheap brand of chocolate milk, exotic.
It's been simply...simple.

We DID take a few days away from cabin life
to venture out to the land of craziness!
We went to.....
wait for it....
wait for it......
Sandusky, Ohio!
The hubby found an amusement park called Cedar Point.
Super fun place to be.
We had a blast!
The itty bitty and I spent the day in Kiddie world and rode tiny small rides.
In circles.
For hours.Itty bitty was ecstatic.
Mommy was sticky hot and drippy sweaty.
NOT attractive.
The hubby and our older itty bitty spent the day on the big coasters.

The ones that make me puke.
I will take riding in little cars in circles any day.
The question of the day?
"When are we going back to the motel to swim in the pool?"
We could have saved a whole lot of money,
stayed in boring ol' York, PA,
and just gotten a motel room.
Lesson learned.

My favorite part of the trip?
No cooking,
no cleaning,
and Daddy taking the girls to the pool to play
so Mommy could read a book.If you are a Mom with young children,
you understand the value of being able to read a book
that is'nt simply for information....
"How to" take care of poison ivy,
"how to" get chocolate milk out of silk,
"how NOT to" lose your mind when there are two whiners whining.

We ended the trip with a tiny little carousel museum and a picnic on the waterfront.
THAT is my idea of a great day.
We could even see across the water to the
vomit inducing pukie coasters
that kept us entertained the day before.
gastric bypass,
roller coasters.
NOT a yummy mix.

I am excited to see what this Autumn holds....
for my family, for my business, and for our band.
As corny as it sounds,
it's a wonderful life.
I intend to spend every day of this Fall in a pumpkin induced stupor.
Pumpkin bread, coffee, soap.......
I'm freaky like that.As far as the business goes,
I have so much to share with you!
That will have to wait for another day.
I am adding two Fall hats to the shop this morning!
Yes, I probably need new pics,
these are two years old,
but I can NOT part with them.My baby has grown so much in two years...
although, she still has very little hair.Thank goodness she's pretty.
I'm not saying that just because she's mine.Those lips...

Have a fab day friends...
time to start the school shopping!

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Catherine said...

It it so true the best days are simple, fun. I am so glad that you had a beautiful and blessed summer. You made good memories. That is the most important thing you can give your family. Memories make you who you are. Blessings, Catherine xo