Monday, February 23, 2009

My Sweet Cupcake....

Who does'nt love an ooey, gooey, yummy cupcake? Vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, simple and ornate, the cupcake is loved by young and old. So, I have decided that March is cupcake month here at Half-Pint Creations! I will take the month of March to feature some of my favorite etsy cupcake artists and crafters.
These two hand sculpted cupcake pendants are currently available in my shop at I will be adding a sweet new clothing line this coming month with
cupcake themed skirts, dresses, and even something for the boys! Leading up to March 1st, there will be some amazing artists featured on my blog. If you aren't drooling for cupcakes by the time the month is over, than there's something wrong! Please read on and check out some of the wonderful goodies that I have found to share with you!

For those of us who have little girls, we know the joy of scrumptious hair goodies! The talented Mama behind "Cowlick Cutie" has designed a cupcake bow with your princess in mind.

This adorable little Cupcake Loopy bow is great for Birthdays or just any day. Purple's and White with a little glittery touch to the purple ribbon. Your little one is sure to love this one...and so are you! It is made with 3/8" grosgrain riboon and each layer is hand sewn for extra hold. The Cupcake button is sewn to the center to add a little more cuteness to the bow. It is attached to a double prong alligator clip, but can be attached to the clip of your choice.
For a beautiful array of bows, clippies, and much, much more, visit Cowlick Cuties at . I just can't wait for my bald beauty to grow some hair to go shopping!


For the sweetest little sugar free cupcake that will make YOUR little cupcake squeal with delight, hop on over to "7polkadots" and design you own cupcake!
You can pick all the aspects of your very own Cupcake Baby. Choose from 3 skin colors, 6 cupcake flavors, and 9 icing flavors (and matching clothes). The combinations are endless! This cute little Cupcake Baby Set is made from 100% Acrylic yarn making it very durable. When you adopt your little baby it will come with a little blanket, removable hat, a cupcake carrying pouch and now A NEW TINY TEDDY BEAR (not pictured). The color of the icing will be the color of the baby's clothes, hat, and blanket!

These are just a few of the scrumptious choices for your creation.
Visit this wonderful etsy store for many yummy creations and try to buy just one- I dare you! The colors are bright, the flavors are yummy, and the craftsmanship amazing.

Please check in often this week!! I am hoping to feature two new artists as often as possible this week and throughout the month of March. Have a wonderful, magical, whimsical day!


Pocketful Of Sunshine said...

Mmmmmm... cupcakes!!!!! Your cupcakes look good enough to eat! ;) Very nice picks for the cupcake cfater feature. They are botth so cute!

Anonymous said...

I love cupcakes! Well, baking them for two classes in the same week, not so much, lol.

These are awesome and don't put on the pounds!