Friday, February 27, 2009

Sweet Cupcakie Goodness...

It is so exciting to be designing clothes for Spring and Summer! I can almost feel the warm sun on my face. The smell of the ocean and the sound of the waves. Then reality hits as I am putting on my little one's heavy winter jacket, hat and gloves. Don't get me wrong, the snow is a beautiful sight. The crisp air is invigorating. But, I am ready for Spring!
My new cupcake line is coming the 1st of March with short sleeves, capri length pants and lots of goodies!! Also to be added are lots of new cupcake buttons in larger sets including the "fresh n' fruity collection". The Cupcake Bandit Lizard and the buttons below are currently available in the store at SweeeeeeT!

Now on to another installment of "Yummy Sweet Etsy Cupcakes".


My first featured artist is the one and only Ouchie Pouchie Mama. I have several of these little jems in the drawer below my microwave. For little booboos, little aching muscles, and even big aching muscles- these pouches are a Godsend!
Each one is approx. 5" x 5" 100% flannel cotton bag and filled with rice. Each bag is stitched with care for durability! Use your Ouchie Pouchie™ to soothe all those unexpected bumps and bruises in life. Just store in your freezer and remove when needed! Or warm in microwave for about 30 seconds to soothe achy muscles. The Ouchie Pouchie™ is nontoxic, reusable and an eco friendly alternative to ice packs & heat pads.
I can not even count the times we have used ours, and with the most adorable fabric patterns there is something for everyone.

Also available in the store are some amazing swirling toddler crayons. I also have a few sets of these. So when Erin made cupcakes, I had to show them off! My daughter's little chubby fingers wrap around them so easily. No broken crayons or frustration.
They came beautifully and lovingly wrapped like little presents for my tiny one. There are so many different crayon designs available that you NEED to go check them out! In this set of 6 chunky cupcake shaped crayons, the colors in each set are Cherry Swirl, Blackberry Jam, Purple Rain, Summer Grass, Midnight Sky and Autumn Leaves. They are made from brand new, non-toxic crayons. Perfect for little toddler hands that want to join a big brother or sister in coloring fun. They are approx. 2 inches at its widest, 2 1/4 inch long and just over 1/2 inch tall! The perfect gift for your little "cupcake"!
To find the sweetest of gifts tailored to your little ones needs, visit and browse to your hearts content!


Well, your munchkin's birthday is coming fast and you want something different- something original. An invitation that will be put up on the fridge- not just read and discarded. Where can you find it?- Keepsakes by Janelle! This yummy cupcake invitation is just one adorable choice in her collection of invites. You receive 20 4"X6" sets including envelopes and lots of personal attention.

I had the pleasure of doing a trade with Janelle over the holidays, and received treasured keepsakes of my girls that still makes me melt everytime I look at it. This is the amazing collage she put together for me.
With amazing prices and expert craftsmanship, she has something for everyone. So please hop on over to http://www.keepsakesbyjanelle/ , look around, and find your "something"!!
It's friday!!! Have a whimsical wonderful day!


TurtleMommy said...

ekkk more cupcakes! thanks mama great post!!

Keepsakes By Janell said...

Thanks for featuring me. I LOVE cupcakes! :)

Amariah said...

I know what you mean about wanting Spring to be here. I keep expecting to look outside and see leaves on the trees ;-)