Saturday, August 1, 2009

The countdown begins.... I need goodies!

We have all seen the commercials of parents dancing through the aisles of school supplies as the countdown begins. You may not physically have done this yourself, but let's be honest, we all get a little giddy at the sight of bookbags and #2 pencils. As a work at home mom, the schedule changes drastically around our house as fall arrives. Living in a cabin in the woods affords us a front row seat to the arrival of autumn, my FAVORITE time of year. I enjoy buying all of the lovely school supplies, shopping for school clothes, and waving as the school bus pulls away. My youngest is 2.5 and will be home for a couple more years. She is growing so fast I am enjoying every moment with her. I will be a sobbing mess the day that she boards the big yellow monster and speeds away. Yes, I'm choking on the thought as I write.
Along with the start of the school year comes many, many "celebration" days. Holidays, birthdays, and lots of special "bring a yummy to school" days. When do we remember this necessity? 7 pm, the night before the goodies are to go to school. We ponder the run to the store, but feel the twinge of guilt at sending storebought mini cupcakes- again.
I have a sweet, sweet little secret!!

These cookies are AMAZING! I can speak from experience, I have made the ooey gooey chocolate chip and they went off the plate faster than you could possibly imagine. Having a few of these jars in your cabinet is a little "home baked" insurance policy for those "Mom, I need to take a treat to school- tomorrow" blues. If you figure out the cost to buy all of the ingredients, the time spent measuring, these babies are a lifesaver. It also adds to the "Yes, I am supermom" appearance. Allow me to share my favorites with you.....

Dreamy Chocolate and Cream

Sassy Cinnamon

All of her jars have decorative toppers of fabric with a detail of ribbon around the jar. She uses super fun, out of the ordinary fabric toppers that make them great for gift giving. Special orders are always welcome and encouraged! They are ideal for a rainy day with the kids, a quick home baked gift for your holiday party, or maybe a pick me up for that friend that needs a little home baked hug.
LipSmackinCreations understands the importance of family time, and tries to make baking / cooking as easy as possible without the "boring" long task of measuring ingredients.
You can even make these with your little "tippy toes" helper. Imagine the fun they will have just dumping the jar in a bowl and being able to say I helped mom or dad bake these!
So hop on over, and yes, wipe the drool off first, and grab some of these delish cookie creations. She offers a variety of sweet and savory confections. You will be so glad you did when you hear "MOM, I need something special to take for snack time tomorrow!"
Peace, love, and chocolate chips,
Amber, Half-Pint Creations

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