Monday, July 6, 2009

Coconut? Strawberries? Peaches?

Have you ever come upon a store owner that has gone way beyond what you would ever expect with customer service? I had the extreme pleasure of stumbling upon "Mylingy's Purrfect Candles" , owned by a fellow Etsian. I had been looking for some tarts for my wax burner and found that she had hearted MY store. I always try to check out the stores of people that "heart" me, and found her store full of yummy scrumptious scents meant to tease and tantalize.
All of her candles are homemade and hand-poured. They are half soy and half paraffin, the best of both worlds. They burn cleaner because of the soy and they smell fantastic due to the paraffin. She has over 700 fragrances. How can you possibly go wrong with scents like "Blueberry Cheesecake" and "Coconut Lime"? I opened my package, which arrived pretty quickly (mine was even a custom order), and inhaled deeply. She included many extras, all packed safely with care - one scent even more enticing than the last. Pure Heaven!

I can't wait until the seasons change because I will be back to purchase some pumpkin scented candles, and yummy christmas time scents.
I encourage you to make a visit to and just TRY to choose your favorite. As I sit here enjoying her "Bahama Coconut", I am being whisked away to the tropics with my mango banana smoothie in hand, cool blue waters lapping at my feet. Let her scents carry you away after a tough day. You'll be glad you did!

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