Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring - Bold and Beautiful!

The daffodils are slowly making an appearance as the early signs of spring arrive. The bright and beautiful colors of nature invoke feelings of renewal, freshness and newness. Living in a cabin in the woods, we can hear the birds constantly chirping their sweet songs. The layer of ice has melted off of our pond and the bright orange goldfish have shown their little fishy faces to soak in the warmer water that lies at the top. My little girl is fascinated at the hundreds of baby orange swimmers - having just learned the color orange. It is these simple pleasures that make one rejoice at the sight of spring.

Along with spring's arrival are the bold and beautiful hues of the flowers. The sunshiny yellows, bold hyacinth purples, and sweet deep pinks can lift your mood and wow your senses. Inspired by these deep and richly colored flowers, I have decided to make April a month of color- bold, saturated, "make your soul smile" color.

Living in Amish Country in PA, I am lucky enough to have access to amazing fabric and quilting shops full of the boldest richest colors that just beg to be made into little girl's dresses. All of this month, additions to my store will be made with color in mind. Tomorrow I will be adding my "Raspberry Sorbet" , "Strawberry Sweet" and "Lilac Dreams" outfits. Stay tuned and have a wonderful colorful day!

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Ashley said...

i love that flower pic