Thursday, October 21, 2010

Where's the hair?

I have a bald beauty.
I may be a bit partial,
but she is my gorgeous lil' girl.I look at all of the "purty" boutique hair bows and accessories...
and sigh.
She is three and half and still can't wear hair bows or flowers.
we buy some crochet hats,
with big beautiful flowers.
They last 10 seconds.
My solution?
With her semi- bald little head,
she is already wearing a fleece hat in the morning.

I designed a cozy fleece muffin hat
with a loop for interchangeable flowers,
bows,and beautiful boutique hair accessories!The "Posh Tot " hat includes three different flowers with a gem center.
They have hair clips on the back for wearing in their hair
(or in Mama's hair).You choose your hat and flower colors,
the size,
and then a custom hat is made for your Half-Pint.
Cool huh?

The verdict?She wears it!
Order your Posh Tot hat today to keep your bald beauty
or "long locked" babe
cozy and warm
in the cooler months to come.
Have a cozy warm fleecy goodness day!

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